Carboard Boat Regatta
Sunday, Sep 17 at 2:00 PM
Carboard Boat Regatta

We are bringing back the carboard boat regatta this year. Start saving up your cardboard and add the biggest pack of duct tape to your Amazon cart. Simple rules: The boat can only be made of carboard and duct tape. No staples, screws, glue, or any other kind of tape. No paint or any kind of chemicals added to the boat to keep the pool water safe. No motors or paddles unless they are only made of duct tape and cardboard. Two people must fit in or on the boat and two people have to power the boat the length of the pool. If we have more than 5 boats participate we will have multiple qualifying heats and a final race. Have fun designing and building your boat. We will award a best in show and have a 1st place race trophy this year.  My kids and I have always enjoyed building a crazy boat, but the little boats that barely float are fun to create and they have an equally enjoyable sinking as a titanic boat build! 

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