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Tennis Rules

There shall be a Tennis Committee, if the need arises to solve issues, comprised of the appointed Tennis Chairperson, who is a member of the Board of Directors, and a committee of selected members – made up of current captains and past tennis chairs.


A “team” is defined as one or more individuals engaging in officially sanctioned league play such as ALTA or USTA. Flex Leagues are defined as T2, Ultimate Tennis or any other flex league.

  • Tennis courts will not be used prior to 8:00am. The tennis courts will not be used after 10:00pm. One exception – if a scheduled or rescheduled “team” match continues past 10:00 pm, courts will stay open until completion of the match.
  • Non-marking athletic shoes only must be worn on the courts.
  • Only tennis players, who are playing tennis, are allowed on the courts.
  • No food is allowed on the courts.
  • If a “team match” is in play, the match needs to be completed prior to the court being taken over by another reservation.
  • Reasonable tennis attire and conduct must be maintained. Anyone on the tennis courts must wear a shirt.
  • Sign-ups may be for a maximum of a 2 hour period, shall be on the hour and half-hour basis, except for “team” play. Individual sign-ups may be made two weeks prior to the date of play. The Tennis Chairperson has the authority to book courts farther out for longer periods of time for ALTA and USTA “team” practices and match play.
  • It is requested that all court time reservations be released if not using. This is only fair to the other members.
  • Members are responsible to clean up around courts upon completion of play – used tennis balls and cans, water bottles, etc. should be placed in the proper containers. A recycling container for aluminum, plastic (including tennis ball cans) and glass is located in the pavilion. Check the area for towels, clothing, etc. left on the courts.
  • No smoking is allowed anywhere on the Winding Vista property at any time by members or their guests.


Guests are welcome. They should abide by the Winding Vista Tennis Rules and be under the control of the Club member accompanying them. At least one player on each court must be a Club member. A Club member is defined as a family member living full time within the paid current member’s home.


•  Instructions for Reserving a Court:

  1. Go to www.windingvista.com.
  2. Sign in to your Winding Vista member account.
  3. Go to the Tennis drop down tab at the top of the page and select Reserve a Court OR click on the tennis ball icon to take you to the Reserve a Court page.
  4. Select the date for which the reservation is to be made and then select an available court and the desired time.
  5. At bottom of the page click on Make Reservation.
  • Reservations may be made up to 2 weeks before the desired play date.
  • Reserved time is limited to 2 hours except for scheduled ‘team’ play.
  • In the event that an “official match” has not finished during the allowable time, the completion of an ALTA/USTA or Flex League match will take precedence over other tennis sign ups. Therefore an official match will be allowed to be completed.
  • A court cannot be reserved for consecutive slots by the persons playing on the court together.   In essence, a court cannot be reserved by the same players for more than a two (2) hour TOTAL time period. However, after the reserved two hour period, play may continue if no one is waiting.
  • If players reserving the tennis courts are late by more than fifteen (15) minutes, their reservations may be forfeited and claimed by other players.


  • Winding-Vista Recreation, Inc. (the “Club”) participates in team tennis activities with the Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association (“ALTA”) and the United States Tennis Association (“USTA”). The Tennis Committee will supervise all activities of this nature. These activities are also subject to the applicable ALTA/USTA Rules and Regulations.
  • Adult team participation will be in accordance with the following:
  • The maximum number of authorized teams is four (4) men’s, four (4) women’s, four (4) mixed doubles, and six (6) youth per playing day. The formation of new teams may be initiated by a member of the Club and must be approved and supervised by the Tennis Committee.
  • A captain and a co-captain will represent each team. Each team will determine the manner of selection of captain and co-captain. Team rosters must be furnished to the Tennis Chairperson and kept current. The team captain will be the official representative of the team to the Tennis Committee.
  • The number of participants on each team will be determined on a seasonal basis according to the league (ALTA or USTA) rules.
  • The individual teams will present a recommended membership play level to the Tennis Committee for evaluation and approval. The Tennis Committee will then approve a level appropriate to existing circumstances. ALTA or USTA will make the final decision on ”level of play.”
  • If an existing team cannot acquire enough members to participate in ALTA/USTA league play, the team will be dissolved. The remaining members of such a team will notify the Tennis Committee as to their desire to continue tennis team participation. The names of those electing to continue will be placed on the list with new applicants and existing members who wish to make a team change and will re-enter team play by assignment of the Tennis Committee.
  • If a team cannot fill up their seasonal roster, they may invite a non-member player to attend team practices and play matches. This seasonal tennis team guest membership is available for $75 per person, per tennis season (up to $300 per year). The person must be sponsored by a Club member on the team. There will be a maximum of four (4) non-member players per team. Team captains will submit the names of all non-member team players, along with the $75 payment for each non-member, to the Tennis Chairperson prior to the start of the season. This player will not be eligible to play until this payment is made.
  • A current or former Club member who cancels or does not renew their Club membership must wait two (2) years after canceling their membership before they may play as a non-member on a Club team.


  •  Individual teams will choose the level (low B, C-3, etc.) of ALTA and (3.5, 4.0, etc.) of USTA league play at which they wish to participate. ALTA / USTA will make the final decision on “level of play.”
  • Team captains / co-captains have the responsibility to control their teams’ activities – scheduling practices, matches, court sign up, line ups, socials, etc. All team members should be given an opportunity to play during the season.   Non-members who are on a roster may not be a captain of a team without prior approval of the Tennis Chairperson.
  • Use of the courts for practice and match play will be as follows: Teams will be provided two courts for a maximum of (2) hours each week for practice. Practice can start (3) weeks prior to the beginning of a season. Priority for practice times and court assignments will be given to each team according to their prior season’s assignment.
  • For match play, each team will be allowed reservations for two (2) courts for up to five (5) hours on each court. A team may sign up for a third court ONLY three (3) days prior to the scheduled match if one is available; it may not be made prior to this time in an individual’s name. This applies to regular season, and playoff home matches and rescheduled matches. When reserving a third court for team play, a note should be added to the reservation specifying the team or league (ALTA Men’s, Thursday Ladies, USTA, etc.) that will be using the  court.
  • Flex League matches will be allowed a court reservation for (2) hours. Sign up on the Reserve a Court page at www.windingvista.com.  It must include the player’s first and last name, and flex league.
  • In the event of a rainout of match play, reservations may be made for make-up matches.   These reservations will be made in the name(s) of the player(s) involved and will be for a two-hour time period. Such reservations should be noted as “ALTA/USTA Make-Up Match.”
  • In the event of rainout of practice, regular court sign-up rules must be followed.
  • In the event that a match has not finished during the allowable reserved time, the completion of an ALTA, USTA or Flex League match will take precedence over other tennis sign-ups.
  • Any disputes or questions concerning ALTA/USTA team tennis that cannot be resolved by the individual teams should be referred to the Tennis Chairperson for a binding decision.


Youth teams may be formed for each season under the overall supervision of the Tennis Committee. Participants must have knowledge of the game and a reasonable level of skill.

  • Youth teams may be formed for each season under the overall supervision of the Tennis Chairperson however a current and active adult member must act as the team manager/contact.
  • A notice will be sent to the entire membership informing them of the youth tennis teams.
  • Members who have children who wish to play on an ALTA/USTA team must respond by the announced deadline, which may be at least four (4) weeks before ALTA/USTA rosters are due. In the event that there are more children who wish to play than there are allotted spaces, the names will be considered in the order in which the team manager receives them. The children who are already on ALTA/USTA teams will be given first choice in this first-come, first-served process.
  • The Tennis Chairperson and team manager/contact will form youth teams based upon age and ability.
  • Each youth team will be considered open for players until there are ten (10) children on it. Additional members may be added only at the discretion of the Tennis Committee. Players may be added after the ALTA/USTA rosters are submitted (in accordance with ALTA/USTA rules).
  • An effort will be made to place every eligible child on a team.
  • Non-members may be added for the purpose of filling ALTA and USTA teams based on the following conditions: (1) The membership of the team wishing to add a junior tennis affiliate must be eight (8) or fewer; and (2)The junior tennis affiliate must be 18 or under. The cost is $25.00 per person per season. A maximum of (4) non-members per roster are allowed.

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